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If you need urgent help please contact the Saginaw Valley Intergroup 24/7 AA Helpline at 989-776-1241

Click here for a PDF file of our local AA Meeting Schedule.

Or if you don’t have a PDF Viewer CLICK HERE.

2019 Saginaw Valley AA meeting schedules are now out. They are $10 a bundle (50) due to the fact that printing costs went up and we did not order as many as we did back in 2016.

Schedule bundles are available at Unity Club or by request to Stephanie G. or Larry S.

Current AA Meeting Schedule is also kept up on website and included direction links to each meeting location.

If you have any announcements or wish to comment on this website, please drop us an email.  Don’t assume someone else is going to find that missing meeting or wrong time; please, email us at:

Info [at] saginawaa [dot] org

You can find a list of Central Offices, Intergroups and Answering Services for U.S. and Canada by visiting the AA World Services website.