Meeting Schedule

Click on AA Meeting Schedule below for larger view. View both sides of these two images. You can print them out on one piece of paper on both sides of your paper too! These 2 images printed out on both sides will be available at the Unity Club 1151 N. Niagara St. Saginaw, MI 48602.  The original Folded Paper Schedules that were $5 a bundle (25 schedules) is being replaced with this new 2 sided easy to print out AA Meeting Schedules.

NOTE: If you haven’t been to a new meeting location get to the meeting a little bit early so you can see what door everyone is going into. Sometimes it’s not obvious where the meetings are being held!

  1. This Meeting Schedule is always up to date provided we’ve been given notice of any changes.  If you know of a change to a meeting, please email us details to: info [at] saginawaa [dot] org