Meeting Schedule

New update from Greta M.
Starting the first of the year the Alano Club night meeting schedule will be on each Tuesday Big Book Study and on each Friday 12 &12 at 8 pm. There will be no other 8pm meetings. The 4:30 meetings will no longer be held. We are sorry for the changes and hope everyone can understand.

NOTE: If you haven’t been to a certain meeting get to the meeting a little bit early so you can see what door everyone is going into. Sometimes it’s not obvious where the meetings are being held!

For the current Saginaw Area Meeting Schedule, click on the Online link below to open the schedule; requires a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader, available here:  Adobe Link Here.

This Online Meeting Schedule is always up-to-date provided we’ve been given notice of any changes.  If you know of a change to a meeting, please email us details to: info [at] saginawaa [dot] org

Click on this link below for the Current Saginaw Valley Michigan Online AA
DECEMBER 23, 2017 Meeting Schedule.PDF

Or if you don’t have a PDF Viewer CLICK HERE.

Once you have the PDF meeting schedule open, you can read it, save it and/or print it for your wallet.

If your group does not have the October, 2016 printed schedules (Light Blue Color) available at your meeting tables, please come to the monthly InterGroup meeting and pick up a pack.  They are $5 for a pack of 50. A new updated meeting schedule should be available in January 2018. I will post as soon as they area available! 😁

Following are the changes to the latest October, 2016 (Light Blue Color) printed schedule, available at meetings.  Please correct your printed schedule as follows…

(1/3/17) The Monday 6:30 p.m. OSLER group, address correction should read REACH CHURCH, 3111 Barnard Rd. instead of N. Charles.